What We Do?

Every day we see negative and heartbreaking news all around us, almost everywhere on the news. In the depths of our hearts lies the fever of help to them.

Our organization, which started off with the same fever , is happy to try to extinguish that fire. We believe that with your help, we will win. People by people , day by day.

The world should not to be such a cruel place. Despite everything, there is hope. Because there are many good-hearted people.Like you , Like us!

We are a newly established non-profit organization. Our team and budget are very limited as we are just beginning the road… Our organization is to deliver your assistance directly and quickly to people in urgent need. Such as like food ,education , health problems or shelter.

We accept cryptocurrencies. Thus, we remove the limits of global aid. You will be able to provide instant and unlimited assistance from the other side of the world. Thanks to blockchain technology, we will ensure that all assistance is transparent and traceable. 86% of all your help will go directly to those in need. The remainder will be used for fundraising and general management.