The Givesatoshi!

A p2p goodness service

Givesatoshi is an international network building a just, equitable, and sustainable world in solidarity with communities on the frontlines of poverty and injustice

Goodness knows no bounds.

Every day we see hunger, poverty, abuse and inequality of opportunity around us. We see the world getting worse day by day. It is possible to reverse this. Maybe not all at once, but slowly. The Givesatoshi helps to the person who in need directly.

Whoever might be in need – a family facing financial crisis due to an economic downturn, an older adult having a hard time making ends meet on a fixed income, an immigrant experiencing challenges after years of war, or a child without access to free or reduced-cost meals because school is not in session – our top priority is to feed the hungry. But our dream is to end the scourge of hunger, forever – we hope you will join us in the fight!


Over one billion people in the world today live in unacceptable conditions of poverty, mostly in rural areas of low-income countries. Help them with this program.


Education is the most powerful weapon we have for a better world and a better future. Our main goal in this program is to help smart and poor children in need of education.


The child care services program subsidizes child care for low-income families, promoting long-term self-sufficiency by enabling parents to work or attend workforce training or education activities. It also educates parents about the availability of quality child care, which enhances children’s early learning

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.